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Moonlight Ritual Triple Wick Candle


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An exclusive, limited edition collaboration range with Luna Amatores.

The Moonlight Ritual is a beautiful blend of jasmine, patchouli essential oils & amethyst crystals. Combined together they promote calmness, balance & healing. Our triple wick soy wax candle is contained in a matt black glass candle bowl, ordained with real gemstones. The wooden wicks add to the ambiance, mimicking an open fire, with a subtle crackling sound. Each candle is lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and finished with a wax seal.

Jasmine is an exquisitely floral scent. It is used to relieve tension & depression whilst enhancing overall wellbeing. It’s scent is stronger at night which makes it perfect for the Moonlight Ritual range.

Patchouli is another scent which is popular for its anti-depressant properties. Its perfect for treating exhaustion, stress & anxiety, whilst grounding you when you may feel distracted. When combined with jasmine it works as an aphrodisiac. It compliments the scent of jasmine magnificently as it has rich, woody, incense-like overtones.

Amethyst compliments these scents perfectly as it is used to help with depression, anxiety & sleep. It’s often used to help bring self control & enhance imagination while being a fantastic all around healer.

Also available on Luna Amatores [HERE]

Please note: Amethyst crystals must be removed before burning. When relighting your candle after the first use, remember to trim the black areas of the wick.

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